Glam’s Digest – August 2017

Glam’s Digest is an interactive webzine, a print on demand magazine and website dedicated to glamour, boudoir, lingerie, swimsuit, alternative, leather&latex fashion, beauty and photographic research. In this second issue we have the honour to publish amazing international photographers such as Gabriele Ardemagni, Marco Lorè and Alessandro Caramagna(Italy), Marc Thurisaz(Switzerland) and so amazing and gorgeous…

IOB Magazine – August 2017

IOB (Inside Out Babes Magazine) girls, bikini lingerie, implied, nudes, exotic women. In this Edition NEESY RIZZO BY JONATHAN CASTELLANOS

Models: Neesy Rizzo, Lacey Johnson, Kelly, Olivia, Aura Oprea, Shawna Bates, Eliza May, Cemone Warren
Photographers: Jonathan Castellanos, Mihaela Savu Photography, David Clic, Danny Shaw, Kenji Kita, Sonia Photography